Key Terms

Website - a set of electronic documents (files) placed on the network, united by a single theme, design and single address space of the domain. The start page of the Site is available on the Internet at

Website User (User) - a person who has passed the Registration Procedure, received an individual login and / or password, and also has his own Profile. For the purposes of the User Agreement, the User also means a person who has not passed the Registration Procedure, but who accesses the Site and / or uses and / or used it. Any person accessing the Site, this automatically confirms that he is fully in accordance with the provisions of the User Agreement, and that the requirements established by the User Agreement are applicable to him.

Site Administration (Administration) -, which owns all relevant property rights to the Site, including the rights to the Site’s domain name, and administers it.

User Account (Account) - Internet space protected by a password. Contains information about the user and the content generated by the user. The account contains the User’s personal and contact information, including, but not limited to, such as postal and email addresses, texts, photos, videos, age, interests.

Content - any information-significant filling of an information resource, including in the form of texts, reviews, comments, announcements, photos, videos, including news and other materials left by a user on the Site under his Account.

1. Subject of the User Agreement

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter the Agreement) is a legally binding agreement between and the User and governs the use of services. The user is an individual who has appropriately acceded to this Agreement.

1.2. The text of the Agreement is displayed to the User upon registration on the website (hereinafter referred to as the Website). The Agreement enters into force from the moment the User agrees with its terms by registering and is valid for the entire time the services are provided and used.

2. Limitation of liability of the Administration

2.1. The administration makes every possible effort to exclude from the Site sloppy, inaccurate, insulting, untrue or knowingly incomplete information, however, ultimately, the responsibility for it lies with the persons who posted it.

2.2. The administration is not responsible for the fact that registered users are really those people who they claim to be, and is not responsible for any damage caused to other persons.

2.3. The user is notified and agrees that he does not have the right to make a complaint to the Administrator if he does not indicate his personal data during registration, or if personal data that does not correspond to the data indicated in the civil passport is indicated.

2.4. Under no circumstances shall the Administrator be liable to the User or any third parties for any direct, indirect, unintentional damage, including lost profits or lost data, harm to honor, dignity or business reputation, caused in connection with the use of the Site or the results of intellectual activity posted Online.

2.5. The Administrator is not responsible to the User or any third parties for:

- actions of the User on the Site;

- for the content and legality, the accuracy of the information used / received by the User on the Site;

- for the accuracy of the advertising information used / received by the User on the Site, and the quality of the goods / work / services advertised in it;

- for the consequences of the use of information used / received by the User on the Site;

2.6. In the event that third parties submit claims to the Administrator related to the use of the Site by the User, the User undertakes to settle these claims with third parties at his own expense, protecting the Administrator from possible losses and proceedings.

3. The administration has the right:

3.1. At any time, change the design of the Site, its Content, the list of services, change or supplement the used scripts, software and other objects used or stored on the Site;

3.2. If necessary

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